KUKRGAME was established at earlier 2016,which focus on VR game,and create the highest quality VR games. All the core members in KUKRGAME come from GAMELOFT,UBISOFT, and other world-class game companies, some of who have more than ten-year game development experience and we work together over 4 years. As teamleaders,we took part in the development of IRONMAN 3, Amazing Spiderman 1&2, Battle Odyssey,Asphalt,Assassin’s Creed: Unity,Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and some other 3A-class games. First game Mercenary obtained The Best Immersive Content Prize on 2016 HTC VIVE Content Competition. Mercenary is not only the bestseller on viveport from beginning ,but also keeps the highest CTR offline,which has over 80% market share in VR store. Mercenary has gained so many fans,and many insiders speak highly of Mercenary,in the meantime,it has gained too much praise to count from the players and business partners through offline channel. What’s more,Mercenary is the only overseas united display VR game ,and we have built up close cooperation with Unity and Intel. Besides, we unite Intel and some other excellent companies to hold the biggest scale VR game e-sports competition-Mercenary:King of Gun Championships